Most people hate Mondays. There are a million memes about why Mondays suck. There are at least that many Social Media posts that say, “It’s Monday again, ugh”. Let’s face it; It’s fun to hate Mondays. Here’s how to love Mondays:

how to love Mondays


Monday is a great day to START… anything.

Monday… the day famous for starting, well, anything. Diets, writing that long report for your client, planning next year’s budget, etc…

“It’ll be best to start on Monday.” “I’ll be more successful on Monday.” “I don’t want to take time doing this-this weekend; I’ll wait until Monday to start.”

But think about it… Monday is the start of everything new! It’s the start of a new week… with Monday, there is a fresh start, a new beginning, an opportunity to make the changes you wanted to make, but just didn’t get around to it.

You wake up refreshed from the weekend.

Even if you work on the weekend, you don’t typically have the client demands that you would during the week. Weekends are usually our time set aside for day-trips, family time, bonfires, etc…

It’s thru these times of investing in other parts of our lives that we can re-invest in our professional lives on a newer, refreshed level.

how to love Mondays

Without Monday, there would be NO Friday!

I’m not sure much else needs to be said about this point. Doesn’t everybody TGIF!