10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success with Your Business

When you leverage social media marketing the right way, the results are astounding. This space allows you to go head to head with the big leagues. Imagine a world where you now have the opportunity …

7 Tips for Virtual Assistants to Stay Fit

If you are a virtual assistant, chances are you probably have a difficult time staying active when putting in long shifts at the office. Even if you’re a fitness freak, working long hours can derail …

Tips For Making Great Business Memes

When you’re a virtual assistant, it’s important always to develop new skills to wow your clients. Many businesses are interested in dynamic content for their websites and social media platforms. Memes are a consumable form …

Great Desk Items for the Virtual Office

When was the last time you took a look at your desk? Stand up, step back, and take a good look. What do you see? A cluster of papers, folders, books and other items? Walls …

5 Tech Things To Do In 2017

At the beginning of each New Year, many of us make resolutions to lose weight, get a raise or begin a fitness program. These are all good #lifegoals, and some of us will succeed more …


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Bond enables your virtual assistant to send handwritten notes to your most important clients. Commemorate an important milestone or just say thanks after a business meeting. Start by personalizing your stationery, then compose your message and select a handwriting style—you can even use your own handwriting. Bond writes your note in pen and sends it by mail using U.S. postage.

Zirtual clients receive 15% off their Bond subscription. Email matt.white@bond.co to receive the discount.
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