Five Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Guru

Are you a business owner?

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You want to focus on strategy but end up spending more time answering emails. Your last Facebook update was 6 months ago. You’d love to have an assistant or at least somebody that could do all of those little things…

And then your mind trails off. Where can you find an employee that can do lots of different things and work when you need them?

And not cost an arm and a leg?

If you’re nodding along reading this, it’s time to consider a virtual guru for your business.

What are virtual gurus?

Imagine you could have an assistant that could do lots of different things, work when you need them and not cost an arm and a leg.

That’s a virtual guru.

A virtual guru is a skilled professional adept at administrative, marketing, management, and organizational tasks. This allows you to focus your full attention toward high-priority projects for your business.

To be more specific, here’s a list of all the things that you’ll never have to do again.

  • Travel planning
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Web Development

If you simply need someone for call handling, message delivery, and appointment scheduling, there is always the option of a virtual receptionist.

These are administrative professionals that act as the voice of your company. Check out our virtual receptionist page for more details.

5 Perks When You Have A Virtual Guru

No more FTE salaries:

Need an assistant 3 hours a week for social media? A bookkeeper a few days each month? A night owl? An early bird? There’s a virtual guru that’s on the same page.

Imagine – no resumes, no interviews and no figuring out full time benefits and schedules. Also, since virtual gurus work remotely, you’ll have a larger work force to choose from. You’re in Moscow and they’re in Mexico? No problem.

No overhead costs.

It can take days to onboard new employees at a company, plus the office expenses. Virtual gurus are equipped with the tools they need to work on your projects, so no more wasted time on system setups and resource expenses. Since you’ll have a guru that knows your systems, you’ll save time having to train them on software or hardware. Most virtual gurus are fully operational with a desktop and a cell phone.

You get what you pay for

Virtual workers are cost-effective in general because they only bill for time worked. Full-time employees are being paid whether they are working or staring into space. When you receive an invoice from a virtual guru, you’ll see exactly what they worked on and the time they spent on the project. Never pay another cent for breaks and office chatter.

No more temps or freelancers.

Virtual gurus succeed when your business succeeds, so they have a vested interest in the work they do. Although temps can be very effective, they can also go MIA or lack the right skill set. This goes for freelancers as well. Remember the temp that went to lunch and never came back? The freelancer that doesn’t really know how to edit video after all? Yes, these nightmare scenarios happen more often than you think. Small business owners can’t afford to cover these money drains, and with a virtual guru you won’t have to.

Way too much time on their hands

Farewell, HR department.

Income tax, workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, health insurance, stock options, paid holidays, paid vacations, employee support, performance reviews, terminations, unemployment benefits…aren’t necessary. A virtual guru pays their own taxes and provides their own benefits. You get the expertise of an employee and team member, without the significant cost associated with a full time employee.

We Can Help!

In a global economy that thrives on immediacy, having a virtual guru jump in and pick up the slack so you can focus on higher level business strategy is a key element to your success.

Learn More!

Check out our packages and call us at 1-888-504-4449 to chat about your business needs.

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