Fun With Photoshop – Easy Tips To Try!

Adobe Photoshop has an endless array of options for creating beautiful images, logos and graphics.
This is what makes it fun, versatile and complicated. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re faced with so many menus, layers and buttons.

The good thing about Photoshop is that there’s more than one way to create effects. If you’re a beginner, you can make changes to images without advanced knowledge of the different features in the program. With complicated programs, it’s always better to start small. Photoshop is perfect for this.

Here are some fun, easy to use tips with Photoshop. With a few simple steps, you can alter the colour, shape and structure of an image.

Black & White Images

Here is a simple method to change a photo from color to black and white.

There are several ways to convert images, but this one is so easy it’s worth having in your arsenal.

Here are the steps:

Go to Layer
Select New Adjustment Layer
Go to Channel Mixer
Click Monochrome Channel Mixer dialog box.

Original – Meh… this is kinda boring


Tree image in black & white ooooh creepy!

Duplicate Images

You can never have enough gold stars!

Create multiple copies of a selection within an image

Select the Move tool, or hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) to activate the Move tool.
Copy the selection: Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), and drag the selection.


More stars, more cowbell



Bring On The Glitter

You can create glitter in Photoshop, which is something we all need to know. Ok, just kidding, but it’s still fun to make things more glittery.

Here’s how:

Start with a layer of bubblegum pink – use fill color F58092
Duplicate the layer


Select Duplicate Layer
Select Filter – Noise – Add Noise
Set to Monochromatic, 400%

Select Layer Style – Linear Light


And there you have it! Pink glitter!

Merge Text With Image

Once you’ve created pink glitter, you can create text by merging layers.


Create a layer sequence of background, (fill color white)
Text layer
Copy and paste pink glitter image


Then hold the ALT key while clicking in between the glitter and text layers.

Pink glitter text!

Straight Lines

If you’ve ever attempted a straight line with the paintbrush tool, I feel your pain. Here’s the fix!

This looks like abstract art, but it’s actually me holding down the mouse and SHIFT while using the paintbrush tool. The result? Super straight lines that connect if you don’t unclick.

Franz Kline, eat your heart out…

Sharpen Image

This is a fun trick when you want to add some punch to an image.

Here are some hearts. Let’s make the colors pop.

Open the photo in Photoshop.
Duplicate the photo layer (Command + J).
Select blending mode – Overlay
Select Filter -Other – High Pass.


No more meh hearts


Adjust the slider to sharpen. The bigger the radius, the more the image will sharpen.

I added a slight sharpening which accentuates texture and shadows. Here’s the result.


These Photoshop tricks are a good way to get comfortable with the program and try different things. Each example has a minimal amount of steps, so working through these won’t frustrate or confuse you. With any program, it’s important to practice and use resources and tutorials. There are plenty of these on the web for Photoshop.

What Photoshop tricks and shortcuts do you use on a regular basis? Share your thoughts below!

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