Get ‘er Done! Goal Setting With The SMART Strategy

I love the new year! I love the idea there’s another 365 days that are completely unwritten.

In the weeks leading up to the new year, I start thinking about what I’d like to accomplish in the next 365.  I think about new projects, new adventures, new people and how I can’t wait to experience all of those things. Then I get down to the business of setting new goals.

I’m sure you’ve all seen posts over the past few weeks about making resolutions and goal setting.  I enjoy these posts, but I know that sometimes resolutions can be frustrating and disappointing. Many of us set goals and quickly surrender to time limitations, lack of motivation and feeling defeated.

After many attempts and similar experiences, I implemented a strategy that breaks down my goal into something achievable. If you’re feeling less enthusiastic about goals for the new year, stay with me. We’re going to set a goal and apply the SMART Goals Strategy.

The graphic below defines the steps and process behind the strategy:

goal setting

Now that we know what the SMART strategy is, let’s see how it works.

Let’s suppose my goal in 2018 is to do more yoga.  I enjoy yoga because it relaxes me, and exercise makes all of us healthier and stronger.

Below is how to use the SMART strategy to reach my goal.

Specific:  Do yoga.

Measureable:  5 hours per month.

Achievable:  When I break it down, practicing yoga for 5 hours a month is approximately 10 minutes a day.  See? That’s an achievable goal.

Realistic:  I have a great yoga app with workouts and a calendar to track my progress, a yoga space, and 10 minutes a day so this is definitely realistic.

Time bound:  You bet!  I can work towards this goal daily and am accountable approximately every 30 days.

See, easy.  Think about a few of your big goals for 2018 and take a couple of minutes to write them out as SMART goals.  Even better, do it in the comments section below.  We’ll be your cheerleaders and your accountability partner!  Let’s get ‘er done in 2018!

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