Save Time And Money With A Virtual Assistant

Here at Canadian Virtual Gurus, we’re in the business of helping our clients save time and money using a virtual assistant. We also know that there are business owners out there who are still on the fence about using virtual workers.

Business owners that are used to doing it all may be resigned to the long process of hiring and training a full time assistant. This is an option, but to save time, money and resources, it’s worth it to invest in a virtual assistant.

Bring a virtual assistant onboard can make life a lot easier, as long as you’re willing to do some training and to delegate that workload. Let’s look at some of the perks of having a virtual assistant on your team:


 How It Works

When you hire a virtual assistant, you’ll spend some time reviewing tasks. Once the virtual assistant is up to speed, they’ll take over and start managing these tasks. As time goes on, you can expand their task list as you see fit. Sometimes you may require an assistant with specialized skills, such as bookkeeping or video editing. Virtual assistants work by task, so you can have as many assistants on your team as you need to complete long term or short term projects.

Save Time

Once you’ve established a workflow with a virtual assistant, you’ll start to notice how much time you have. A virtual assistant with administrative skills can take over tasks such as email and calendar management which are notoriously time intensive.

Let us break it down for you. You charge your clients $75/hour for your services and you have 3 hours of administrative tasks that need to be done: a client letter; a blog post; and some data entry.

If you hire an assistant to do those tasks, it will cost you around $100 and you’ve earned 3 hours of time.

You can spend those 3 hours working directly with another client. The math is simple! More time doing what you love = more money in the bank.

The graph below illustrates other time savings using a virtual assistant:

Save Money

Virtual assistants bring the benefits of cost savings to businesses, also. Have you ever thought about how much an employee costs? With salary, benefits, paid time off and overhead, you are paying far more than an hourly wage. There’s the added perk of not having to find “busy work” for an employee or pay for breaks.


Save Resources

Virtual assistants show up ready to work. And thanks to modern technology, we can manage client work with a laptop, cell phone, and Internet connection. This is one area our clients experience the most convenience. With no company hardware, software and real estate to worry about, clients have more flexibility. If you can connect to the Internet, you can assign an assistant work.


If you want to save time, money and resources, hiring a virtual assistant is a viable option for your business. Not only are more businesses outsourcing, but business owners continue to recommend virtual assistants online. We’re not doubting you can do it all, but now, you don’t have to! We’re here to help!

Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant? Contact us for a hassle free consultation. We’ll review your business needs and recommend a flexible, affordable package for you!

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