Will A Virtual Assistant Improve My Business?

Like any small business owner, I was intrigued by the idea of having a virtual assistant to join my team. Would a virtual assistant improve my business? I’ve never used a virtual assistant and I was worried I’d be able to delegate work and keep an assistant busy enough. I didn’t know if it would help me be more productive or cause me more stress!

This is a common issue with business owners and assistants. How do we get the best results and not stress too much about making work for them?

I just reviewed my progress after using my assistant for several months and I’m incredibly pleased with the results! I’ve decided to share what’s it like using Virtual Gurus and how I delegated my tasks to detail for other business owners how easy and (dare I say) fun this has been for myself and my business!

Getting Started with Virtual Gurus

I’m not a stranger to virtual help for small items. I’ve tried Fancy Hands and Task Rabbit to schedule appointments or for contract assignments such as data entry. The Virtual Gurus is the first company I’ve used for a virtual assistant to consistently manage my business.

I decided to start with the “small rocks”. These were things I always try to get around to but never do! Things I didn’t want to deal with. I thought it would be a good way to gauge my virtual assistant and ease into the process since I’m a control freak by nature.

Getting Started – My Plan & My Assistant

I spoke with a sales manager and decided on a 20-hour plan to get started. I liked the fact that all the virtual assistants are based in North America and the turnaround time is within 24 hours.

I was assigned an assistant that specializes in administrative work. My assistant scheduled a welcome call with me to learn about my business and make suggestions about improving different processes. Besides how efficient she was, we clicked. That’s another thing – it’s ok to change an assistant or use multiple assistants for various projects!

What impressed me was how knowledgeable my assistant was of a variety of accounts I use for business. She was immediately accessing my Google Gmail, Drive, Slack, ConvertKit and others with ease. She was willing to use Voxer, Slack, and Zoom to contact me and provide updates. Virtual Gurus offers TeamWork as a project management system, but I didn’t use it – although there’s plenty of support and training if you want your assistant to use the system.

Being able to delegate and get in touch on my terms made the process of onboarding and chatting about work so much easier. My assistant clearly had a strong administrative background, but the more we worked together I was able to see what other work she could take on.

The best feeling was looking at my workload and see it slowly fade away. I may get a weekend after all! That’s a good tradeoff for some training time.

The Task List – Stuff My Virtual Assistant Does

For me, delegating is never easy. Like I said earlier, I started with small tasks and things I didn’t want to work on. As my virtual assistant accomplished tasks correctly and asked for more work, I expanded her workload.

My Assistant’s Tasks:

  • Set me up with new YouTube channel.
  • Find out how to move contacts to new phone.
  • Compile all receipts for expense reports.
  • Update social media and add promotions to Twitter.
  • Take meeting minutes for all meetings.
  • Update my calendar with meetings for the month.
  • Create inspirational memes for my social media account.
  • Renew my memberships to business groups.
  • Check on prices for conferences relating to my business and create a spreadsheet on ones I may want to attend.
  • Check on my Amazon seller account and address customer concerns, etc.
  • Invite networking partners to leave Google reviews and update reviews on the web.
  • Review tutorial for Teachable and write up the brief synopsis on how to use.
  • Compress photos for email newsletters and proof my training videos.
  • Check on my rewards app for my car lease. Investigate the details of how to use the rewards.
  • Find some business bloggers to add content to my blog on a regular basis.

Once you get into a routine of delegating tasks, the value really starts to become apparent in the time you’ll save. When I delegated small tasks and my assistant easily completed them, my confidence in her increased and I felt good about delegating more tasks. The results by the end of the week were impressive.

I realized the money I was spending was worth it because what I was missing from my life was free time. All these items on a to-do list were just wearing me down, even though none of these tasks were insurmountable.

I realized the time I earned chilling with family, being less stressed or just doing what I want to with my business made a huge difference!

Virtual Gurus – It Worked for Me!

I was impressed by the level of service and value for the money I paid.

There’s always a learning curve when you’re training a new team member or trying a new product. Unfortunately, many times we just expect to lose some money on the investment. I didn’t experience that with this adventure. So much of the training ended up returning on the investment with quick and effective work on the part of my assistant.

I do recommend solid and consistent communication. Once you have that ease of communication, your assistant can take the reins and run with their workload. It’s much easier to delegate and work with a virtual assistant than I thought!

How to Get Started – What I Did

I was drawn in by the “hassle-free consultation” verbiage on the website. I used the Virtual Gurus chat app and asked a bunch of questions to get a general feel for how the service works.

Once I was ready to go with Virtual Gurus, I chatted with a sales manager and agreed on a plan. From there, I signed up and an account manager reached out to me and then, my assistant! The rest is history.

I’m very satisfied with having a virtual assistant that make my life easier. I’m sure my family is happy to have me around on the weekends and it’s nice to sometimes be able to do something just for me!

Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant? Contact us for a hassle-free consultation. We’ll review your business needs and recommend a flexible, affordable package for you!

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