Winner of the Emerging Growth Award!!

Last week was a monumental moment for the team here at Virtual Gurus.

Our management crew attended the Calgary Chamber’s Small Business Calgary Awards Gala at the Grey Eagle; part of Small Business Week.

Positioned against four incredible Calgary businesses, we took home the award for Emerging Growth presented by BDC (powered by ATB).

The Emerging Growth award is presented to the new emerging small business that has shown rapid growth and profitability in its first 1-3 years of operations, and shows the potential for future growth and commercial success.

That’s us!!

Virtual Gurus is part of the gig economy hiring remote workers all across Canada. We match them with corporations that assist with their day-to-day activities.

“I just excited to be a part of Small Business Week. There’s some great competitors that are up with us too, so I’m really excited for them.” Says Bobbie Raclette, Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus.

Our rapid growth is allowing us to take on four new full time office employees here in Calgary, so stayed tuned for the job postings.

“Virtual Gurus is a company of diversity and inclusion. I really want to be able to offer a safe working space for anyone that comes to work for us.”

Jessica Yee, Account Manager, has this to say;

“I am so proud to stand behind Virtual Gurus and represent a FQPOC fronted company that is emerging and gaining recognition for our community, culture and of course, growing to the top in our industry.”

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners who attended the event. We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it – you rock!


Stay tuned for more exciting news as we embark on a journey that’s keeping everyone on their toes (including us)!

If you’re curious about hiring a Virtual Assistant, click here for a recent blog post that will fill you in on how we can build your remote dream team.

If you’re ready for help, click here and we’ll get the process started immediately.


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