Need Free Images? Score Free Images Online With These Websites

Have you ever needed images for your blog, website or designs but can’t find anything decent? Or the image you finally find is perfect… except it has watermarks all over it? (Shutterstock, looking at you). If only there were some decent places to get free images online…

It’s tempting to go ahead and grab an image off of Google. You think to yourself, “Would anyone really notice if I use it? Nah, how could they? It’s a big world out there, and I’m really small in comparison. Right?!”

…Wrong! Cue the music!

Courtesy: YouTube

Even if you don’t get caught, that image does not belong to you. The Internet has definitely become the wild west when it comes to attribution. At least, if you’re going to use images from the Internet, credit the source.

Instead of jacking Google images and hoping they are fair use, it’s better to avoid this predicament altogether and source images from free content sites.

Below are some sites you can use to find the perfect image for your next project. Each site has its own style so bookmark your favorite(s) and buy them a coffee every once in awhile to help them stay online.

Example of Gratisography image


This such a cool site. All the images were taken by Ryan McGuire. He adds pictures weekly, and all of them are free of any copyright restrictions. I think you’ll find his work very original. Such a creative guy!

Ignore the name, Morguefile is a great resource for images like this one.


“Free images for creatives, by creatives.” This is a great compilation of different types of photos. The cool thing about this site is the creative spotlight it does on artists. It features one person every 24 hours. When you click on the picture, it takes you to their creative home page. Very cool thing for the moderators of Morguefile to promote.

Great business images. Stock Snap isn’t that exciting, but it has tons of content to choose from.


Here you’ll find a huge variety of high-resolution images. There are a ton of searchable categories. These are also free from copyright restrictions. You can even request to receive photos weekly.

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash


You can “do whatever you want” with these photos. Their words, not mine. This is also a site you can sign up to to get pics delivered to your inbox, which can only help you out with inspiration, right?


Pixabay has been THE go to site for freebies.


I wouldn’t blame you if you’re burned out on Pixabay; you and the millions of other people that grab images off here. The key is to do more searches to find less utilized images. The problem with Pixabay isn’t that it doesn’t have enough images; it’s that too many people use the same ones over and over. The site still is killer for finding free images and the sizing option for downloads is convenient, also. Just skip the first page of each search!

I hope these sites will help you out and open you up to the huge world out there. It’s so fun to see it through someone else’s eyes.

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Cynda Pike is a content creator for Virtual Gurus. Silver hair, black eyebrows. I like medieval killer bunnies, Emily Dickinson and Euripides.

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