7 Habits of Highly Successful People

This title may instantly cause you to think of Stephen Covey’s classic book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” (not successful). This is a great book and if you haven’t read it, you can pick it for cheap at just about any used bookstore. The habits in Covey’s book are about becoming more effective while in this post we are going to look at habits to become more successful.

Let’s start out by answering the question: What does it mean to be successful?

Success is different for everyone but there are a few constants that seem to keep coming up and they are Freedom, Joy and a deep sense of Purpose.

FREEDOM – financial freedom, schedule freedom and the freedom to choose who you surround yourself with on a daily basis

JOY – you feel it daily with deep gratitude for your work, family, social circle etc.

PURPOSE – you feel that life has meaning and you feel like you and what you do matters

Let’s take a look at 7 standard habits that I have found to be highly effective in developing results for overwhelming success in life.

1) Use Your Imagination

It seems that something nearly everyone can agree on is the importance of holding a vision of what you want, in your mind, consistently. Your thoughts become things. Try it out – I dare ya! (Oh, and be careful what you wish for because from my experience it’s vital to be specific).

To explore this further, you can look into the work of Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Their Paradigm Shift seminar is an excellent introduction to this kind of work. You can attend live in person or from the comfort of your home (like I did) via live stream.

2) Plan Tomorrow, Today

If you’re showing up in the morning and the first thing you do is sit down and start planning your day, you’re already behind. Highly successful people harness the energy of the morning for their most important tasks leaving planning to the end of the day because it takes less mental energy.

A tool I’ve recently started using is Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner, available on Amazon. You start your day with a morning mindset exercise, plan out your goals and objectives for the day and then end in the evening with a journaling short exercise and habit scorecard. It’s not as much work as it sounds like and really makes a big difference on where you head is at from the get-go.

3) Journal

What you focus on, well, it grows. So it only makes sense to focus on the things you are grateful for as much as possible. Why? Because you want to continue to nurture it so that you can fill your reality with more of the things that make you smile.

Turn off the news, turn off Netflix and grab a pen. Spend 5-10 minutes every morning and night focusing on what you want more of in life. Try to manage the negative thoughts and practice shifting them towards something positive. It’s not about ignoring the negative, but learning to process and shift the energy.

4) Be Generous

Giving is known to bring you good things. Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, tells the story of being completely broke and deciding to give a young boy $100 to treat his mom for dinner. Tony recalls how his life shifted quickly after that. He understood the value of giving, even when you barely have anything to give (and sometimes especially then).

5) Have A Clear Vision

When it comes to marketing, the first thing a good marketer will focus on is clarity. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to begin the journey of getting there?

Take the time to investigate the core areas of life and what you truly want in each area (work, love, social, health, fitness etc.). Then, when it comes time to make decisions, you’ll have a guiding light to help you make the best choice for you.

6) Get Physical

MOVE – Movement increases your intelligence, focus and happiness. Try starting your day with 20-30 minutes of light movement if it’s not something already scheduled into your day. Ido Portal, movement expert, shares his unique perspective below.


EAT – The food you eat is the fuel you burn. Somehow, this seems to be a commonly ‘forgotten’ concept. I just always ask people “why wouldn’t you eat clean, organic, local food as often as possible?” It just seems silly not to. Yes, there is a cost component, but if you factor the cost out over your life, I think you’d quickly realize the benefits expand over a life time ultimately saving you money lost on sick days, medical appointments etc.

Dr. Mercola is a widely respected (and sometimes controversial) expert on health matters. The article below share more reasons to eat organic.


SLEEP – Brendon Burchard, High Performance Coach and Author talks relentlessly about the importance of quality sleep. In his recent Wellness Masterclass, he talks about research showing over and over again that humans require 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Another consideration he shared was that 68 degrees is the optimal temperature to sleep in.

Look for his Wellness Masterclass online and watch the video below to gain more insight on sleep and how valuable it really is.

7) Never Stop Learning

Highly successful people have a penchant for books. It’s rare to come across a successful person who doesn’t read regularly. I can’t recall anyone myself. A great place to start is look for the classics in a specific area of interest. From there, I like to search them on Amazon.ca and see what comes up as suggested books related to the one you looked up.

I love a great book and invite you to connect with us on Facebook to see what the rest of our community is enjoying.


It’s not hard to understand and implement these habits. However, it does take a strong will and discipline to become consistent and practice these habits daily. Just do your best and be gentle with yourself. It’s about making small improvements every single day.

Getting there can be challenging but once they become habit, they will be easy to maintain. Look for a solid accountability partner and support each other in moving towards your best life. Trust me, It’s worth it.

Until next time,


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