How To Thrive When Working From Home With Feng Shui

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that your environment matters. Many people choose to work from home because they enjoy it but they may not always be aware of the effect their environment can have on them.

Working as a virtual assistant (VA) gives people the great advantage of being able to control their environment, which is great because it means that they can make choices.

Lighting, noise, the chair they sit in, who they surround yourself with, and the option to work in their PJS – are all things that virtual assistants can choose and control.

But what if these people took it one step further, and designed a space that would help them thrive, so they can give the best back not only to their clients but themselves?

We’re going to explore how to create the ideal work environment but first a little about myself. I’ve always been sensitive to environments, which led me to study Feng Shui in my adult life. And in Feng Shui, we observe that everything is energy, and everything is affecting your energy.

So, in order to thrive, we need to create spaces that are reflections of who we truly are.

I’m not suggesting that people need to hire an interior designer or start shopping for the latest accessories.

What I am suggesting, is to become a little more aware and balance the space that they work in.

So, let’s get started.

How to Feng Shui your workspace in six easy steps:

1) Let Go Of Clutter

Whether it’s piling up on your desk or in your computer, it’s affecting you. Take the time to go through your files once a week and let go of what’s no longer needed. A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind.

2) Bring Nature Into Your Space

Incorporating the 5 elements found in nature will help your body relax, and be more present with yourself and clients:

  • Add wood by using the colour green or blue, a column shaped item or a beautiful plant.
  • Add fire by lighting a candle, adding the colour red, or triangular shapes.
  • Add water by placing a small tabletop fountain on your desk or near where you work, a picture of water, the colour black or an asymmetrical shaped item.
  • Add earth by incorporating the colours brown or yellow, rectangle shapes, or actual earth from the pot of your plant!
  • Add metal by using the colour white, adding some silver or gold accessories, or anything else made of metal.

3) Get Comfortable

How comfortable is your chair, really? Do you hunch over your desk or the coffee table? Even if it means using books to raise your screen so your neck doesn’t hurt, or pillows to soften a hard surface, give yourself the gift of comfort.

4) Be Aware Of Your Safety

This one might sound strange – you’re not on a construction site, right? You’re in the comfort of your own home! Well, what about all those cords dangling from your desk and across the floor, or the sharp corners of your desk. Notice these things and adjust accordingly.

For example, get some ties or clamps or the myriad of things that help with cord management these days. If you find yourself walking into your desk, try to put it in a spot that allows a lot of room to walk around, or consider purchasing a small, less “sharp” desk.

5) Surround Yourself With Beauty

What makes you feel the most like yourself? What do you find beautiful? Flowers? Music? Quirky art? Antiques? Choose what you love and incorporate it into where you work.

6) Nourish Yourself

Take regular breaks, eat nutritious meals, get some exercise. If you are not taken care of, then it will be more difficult to take care of your clients.

When we open our eyes to how we are feeling in our physical environments, we can begin to create beautiful spaces that help us thrive, reach our goals easier, and with more joy.

Happy Feng Shui’ing!


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