The Myth Of The Solopreneur

We often think of entrepreneurs as solo operators; self made and managed, they create empires all on their own.

Although it may look that way and this vision inspires others to do the same, empire builders such as Richard Branson make wise decisions in hiring capable assistants to support them.

Read any leadership book and you’ll hear the same language over and over again. Leaders are only as good as their people. Elon Musk may have started out with just himself and his brother, but now he continually emphasizes the need for strong teams as a key to success.

The one man show is, ultimately, a false narrative. When a leader understands the benefits of delegation, they themselves benefit from a renewed focus on business strategy and other value added initiatives.

What’s The Hold Up?

So why don’t more small business owners hire assistants? What’s holding them back?

One of the main reasons is the reluctance to hire a full time, in office assistant. A business may not have the space, resources, work load or time to train a full time person.

This is where virtual assistants provide a helpful and cost effective alternative to this situation.

Below is a diagram that illustrates the cost saving potential of a virtual versus full time assistant. This comparison estimates a 60K cost savings by using a virtual assistant!

why you need a virtual assistant

Image: Courtesy of VANetworking.Com

Here’s another example of where a virtual assistant is a convenient choice for small business owners. Look at this comparison diagram of all the things you won’t have to worry about when using a virtual assistant.

why you need a virtual assistant

Image: Courtesy of Acelerartech.Com

There are statistics and graphs such as these all over the web. The message is clear and so are the numbers.

Virtual workers are the key to growing cost savings and productivity in smaller companies or companies that are not yet ready to scale.

Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 115% since 2005, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

As long as you don’t require an assistant to be in the same physical location as you, your assistant can provide the usual types of administrative support and more.

Here’s a list of typical day to day activities.

  • Email management and communication
  • Calendar scheduling and meeting coordination
  • Call handling and appointment booking
  • Social media and blog post management
  • Travel coordination and event planning
  • Financial reconciliation, expense reports and invoice processing
  • Research and data reporting

You can also read about a day in the life from one of our assistants to get another perspective.

If those with compatible jobs and a desire to work from home did so just half the time (roughly the national average for those who do so regularly) the national savings would total over $700 Billion a year.

Telecommuting Statistics, Courtesy: Global Work Place Analytics

Time To Hire An Assistant?

You might need to consider hiring a virtual assistant if:

  • You don’t have the resources or the work load for a full time assistant.
  • You’re spending more time on small rock items instead of value added business strategy.
  • The tasks you need help with can be delegated to a virtual worker.
  • You’re overloaded, stressed and tired.

Skilled And Professional Support

One of the rarely discussed perks of using virtual assistants is the opportunity to work with skilled professionals. You may find yourself working with a seasoned paralegal professional or a freelance executive assistant.

Skilled professionals will have a better understanding of processes and other necessities such as software programs. You’ll spend less time training a virtual assistant and more time delegating so you can focus on your own work.

Virtual assistants can create a seamless relationship with your clients and you’ll be the only person who knows they are working remotely.

Many assistants also specialize on skills, so there’s always an assistant that can manage time intensive tasks such as bookkeeping and video editing.


A virtual assistant can make a difference in your workload and help your business succeed. You’ll still need to create a relationship and manage the work when you have a virtual assistant, but you’ll reap the benefits as you watch your business grow.

Still have concerns about virtual assistants?

What’s the thing that’s holding you back?

Contact one of our account managers today to learn more about our virtual assistant pricing and packages.

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