We’re In! CVG To Join The District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space

District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space
Courtesy: DV-IBM-Innovation-Space.com

We’re starting off 2018 with some great news! IBM and District Ventures has invited CVG to the District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space, a new accelerator designed to solve business challenges.

The District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space is an accelerator and a launch pad for entrepreneurial businesses to become smarter and more efficient. CVG will have the opportunity to build relationships with large enterprise clients and collaborate to find solutions to business challenges.

The District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space is new to Calgary and we are proud to be one of the first companies to benefit from this collaboration with District Ventures and IBM. We’re thrilled to be part of this project and bring our entrepreneurial spirit and talented team to the space.

Stay tuned for interviews with our COO Bobbie Jo Racette and COO David Schwede about their goals for CVG in the District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space. Follow our progress and updates on Twitter using the hashtag #DistrictVentures.

Are you a business owner interested in learning more about CVG? Read more about us here.


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