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It’s six a.m. and the alarm goes off, signaling the beginning of another day in the hustle and grind. Cynthia is still in the game. She’s the captain of her ship, CEO of her self-employment ...

Five Ways to Optimize your Virtual Assistant

So, you’re got yourself a virtual assistant and now the work is done, right? Not quite. Sure, your virtual assistant (VA) can save you hundreds of hours in time and thousands of dollars in money ...

Will A Virtual Assistant Improve My Business?

Like any small business owner, I was intrigued by the idea of having a virtual assistant to join my team. Would a virtual assistant improve my business? I’ve never used a virtual assistant and I …

Save Time And Money With A Virtual Assistant

Here at Canadian Virtual Gurus, we’re in the business of helping our clients save time and money using a virtual assistant. We also know that there are business owners out there who are still on the …

Happy Together – Success Tips For Clients & VAs

Cynda PikeCynda Pike is a content creator for Virtual Gurus. Silver hair, black eyebrows. I love makeup, computers and medieval art.

Succeed In Business With A Virtual Assistant

JaneJane – Tech Assistant and Web Extraordinaire In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, shopping and visiting various coffee shops.


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Bond enables your virtual assistant to send handwritten notes to your most important clients. Commemorate an important milestone or just say thanks after a business meeting. Start by personalizing your stationery, then compose your message and select a handwriting style—you can even use your own handwriting. Bond writes your note in pen and sends it by mail using U.S. postage.

Zirtual clients receive 15% off their Bond subscription. Email matt.white@bond.co to receive the discount.
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