Are You a Control Freak? Here Are 7 Ways to Let Your Virtual Assistant Help You

Are You a Control Freak? Here Are 7 Ways to Let Your Virtual Assistant  Help You

Does the thought of delegating work and risking anything less than perfection put you into a cold sweat? The initial stages following on-boarding with a new virtual assistant (VA) will always include some adjustments, but with good communication, you’ll find it’s easier than you think.

Take a deep breath and keep reading for ways to let your virtual assistant give you the help you need to let go of a little bit of control while still getting results.

1.     Focus on Results

There’s more than one way to complete a task. If you have a particular way of building a spreadsheet for example, ask yourself if it really matters how it gets accomplished if the result meets the expectations to a high standard. If there are more efficient ways to do things, sure, share them, but in many cases the end result is what matters.

2.     Set Realistic Schedules

It’s a balancing act. Your virtual assistant carefully coordinates time, task management and expectations. Be clear about your schedule and deadlines ahead of time as they’ll affect all involved. Discuss them with your virtual assistant to ensure they can be met. This is especially important to remember as your virtual assistant is likely juggling more than one client and will need to effectively manage their time – and yours.

3.     Give Examples

Lead by example. When certain guidelines must be followed, provide your virtual assistant with examples to work with. Resources that explain tasks or steps in detail will not only clarify the requirements, but also improve consistency if/when performed frequently.

These resources could include screenshots, instructional videos, documents and websites.

4.     Outline Your Preferences

Spell it out and skip the guesswork. Identify your preferences so your virtual assistant can refer to them when needed. Whether it’s the way your social media content is prepared or specific details to consider when booking your travel arrangements, you’ll both appreciate the clarity.

5.     Communicate

Keep an open line of communication. Effective dialogue is the most important way to get projects on track with your virtual assistant. Schedule a regular call or video meeting to review upcoming tasks, processes and expectations. This could be weekly or monthly.

These conversations also allow the opportunity for both of you to ask questions and provide feedback before any issues arise.

6.     Do Spot Checks

Give it a test run. Time consuming or repetitive tasks can take up valuable time if completed incorrectly. Ask your virtual assistant to complete a sample of the work, then check the results to ensure the quality and accuracy. Adjust the directives as needed and ask your VA to complete the rest knowing they’re on the right track.

7.     Create a Process

Start a checklist. Following a process, routine or checklist is an easy way your virtual assistant can ensure all tasks and steps are completed. Better yet, include them in a task management system where they can all be listed for convenience and tracked for progress.

At the end of the day, it comes down to great communication and planning. The added advantage of being able to discuss your preferences and working style with an account manager is that you’ll be matched with a virtual assistant that complements your needs.

Ready to take the leap?

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