Get Out of Your Own Way With A Remote Team

If your business is growing, it’s time to get out of your own way and consider hiring a remote team.

Focus On What You’re Good At

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be highly focused on what they’re good at.

And that’s it. That’s how they thrive.

If you ask self-made millionaire Dan Lok, he considers busyness to be a form of laziness.

Just because you’re constantly busy, doesn’t mean you’re being productive towards your goals or what you’re trying to create.

Being “busy” distracts you from what is actually going to catapult you and your businesses to the next level.

What typically happens when entrepreneurs are busy is that they get sucked into doing anything and everything, wearing all of the hats, so to speak.

Accounting, bookkeeping, sales, marketing, copy writing, data entry, scheduling, email management, bookings and… you get the picture.

Some of those tasks are going to move you towards your goals. But as many of you have likely experienced, the ones that take the most time and energy (and are often the least fulfilling!) are the tasks that don’t take you anywhere meaningful.

Spreading yourself too thin is simply a failure waiting to happen. And it’ll be at the cost of your business, health and happiness. Are you willing to pay that price?

The 80/20 Rule

Dan Lok also reminds us that we get 80% of our results from 20% of our activities.

It’s time to sit back and think about what those result-producing activities actually are. What is included in the 80% of activities that don’t really matter that much (but need to get done at some point)?

Once you have some clarity around those tasks, you can start to consider what to pass on to a remote team and this helps determine what their skill sets should be. Otherwise, you’re eventually going to burn out and your company will collapse under the weight of its own success.

Dr. Wayne Dyer had the same assistant for nearly his entire career. Someone that got to know him and was able to anticipate his needs, so that he could focus on bringing his gifts to the world.

Speaker Tony Robbins Tells the Story of His First Assistant

“I think in the very beginning the hard thing is you think you can only do it yourself and then there are only so many hours and you’ve got kids and family and friends and how do I do it all?

The answer is you hire someone. You trade with someone. You trade them for two hours. That’s what I did in the beginning. Because I remember… I was just really young in my career, very in the early days, and I was running to get to the dry cleaners so I could get my only two suits because if I didn’t get them, you know, then the place closes and I can’t get on the plane.

And I was running to the airport sweating like crazy, and I’m a sweater anyway. Sweating like this, trying to get in the door, and it was like, what is wrong with this picture?

I could be doing something that’s so productive and I’m standing in line at the dry cleaning place. This is just nuts. And so I was really… I was like 17, 18, 19, I don’t know what I was, and I said, ‘I’m gonna hire somebody.’ Two hours a day, that’s what I need to start with. And then it was 4 hours.

And so my view is I don’t do anything that someone else can do better, and I don’t do anything that isn’t the highest and best use of my time.”

Get Help Before You Think You Need It

The moral of the story is to get help and get it before you think you need it because often when you realize you need it, it’s too late.

We live in a world where being a workaholic has become a badge of honour. This is simply not something to be proud of and it will kill you, if not physically, then spiritually and emotionally. It’s just not realistic if you want to also be happy and fulfilled.

Fitness entrepreneur Chalene Johnson tells her story of overwhelm and what led her to hire her first help (and she was $500k in debt when she did it!)

Watch Chalene Johnson’s 25-minute talk:

If You Want to Live More, You’ve Got to Do Less

The beauty of working with a virtual assistant is that you can start small with a five-hour package and work up from there. The benefits will far outweigh the costs; at least that’s what we keep hearing from our happy and fulfilled clients.

If you’re ready for help, click here and we’ll get the process started immediately.


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  • This was a thought-provoking article. Thank you, Jade, for framing virtual assistance in such a compelling way that it immediately got me thinking about how I could be optimizing my business by hiring someone to assist me.

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