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Better Blogging, Part 1: Build A Foundation

It's 11pm and a deadline is looming. You face a blank laptop screen and scour the Internet and your brain for topics to write about. Eventually, the ideas and words begin to coalesce. The type appears on screen. Several hours later, a sigh of relief. Before you is another killer blog post. Now you just [...]

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The Benefits Of Unplugging

I recently went on a camping adventure with my childhood best friend. And while I had planned on working early mornings and late evenings, my surroundings had other plans. The wifi was spotty, to put it nicely. So, I used this time to unplug. What exactly does it mean to “unplug”? According to the Urban [...]

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More Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

The Myth Of The Solopreneur We often think of entrepreneurs as solo operators; self made and managed, they create empires all on their own. Although it may look that way and this vision inspires others to do the same, empire builders such as Richard Branson make wise decisions in hiring capable assistants to support [...]

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It Was Just Here! Protect Your Laptop From Theft

One of the many perks of virtual work is the ability to work anywhere you can connect to Wi-Fi.  My motto should be "Have Internet, will travel". I've worked from many different places: airplanes, waiting rooms, hair salons, cars and of course, coffee shops. At the moment I'm tapping away at a Firestone, waiting [...]

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Who Are These People? An Easy Way To Track Facebook Users In Google Analytics

Facebook is a gold mine when it comes to user engagement and conversions.  A solid social media strategy that includes dynamic advertising and clear call to action messages can attract significant traffic from users interested in buying your products or services. But when was the last time you did research on your customer base? [...]

By |August 1st, 2017|Blog, Marketing, social media|1 Comment

Categories And Tags – How To Use Them In WordPress

Categories And Tags: You're Doing It Wrong Attention WordPress bloggers! When it comes to categorizing your blog posts, do you randomly choose 6 or 7 categories? Write a 10 word list for tags? There's a better way to use categories and tags. This is so important because targeted categorization creates opportunities for increased engagement and [...]

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Personal vs. Corporate Branding: Which Should You Choose and Why

How will you build a brand online? Online branding is the most effective way to market your business, increase its visibility and establish its industry authority. Branding also organically increases how customers engage with your business.  The tricky part is deciding what kind of brand to build - personal or corporate? Personal Branding What is it? [...]

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The Great Battery Drop… And Other Tech Hacks To Make Life Easier

When was the last time you were referred to as "crafty" or "handy"? If your answer is never, don't feel bad, because you're like the rest of us that lack all those neat life hacking skills. The good thing is the world is jam packed with crafty people that assemble IKEA furniture with ease, do [...]

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A Typically Virtual Workday

You did it! You've got your very own business. A Typically Virtual Workday Welcome to the tough but rewarding world of small business ownership. You're your own boss now, but as you expand and the work piles up, it'll be too much to handle on your own. This is the perfect time to consider hiring [...]

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The Little Business That Never Grew: Why Business Owners Need to Work ON Their Business Instead of IN Their Business

Once there was a small business that just couldn't grow... It started out as a tiny seed; an idea sprung from the innovative mind of an entrepreneur who wanted to create her own possibilities and who sought to provide goods and services that would make a difference in people's lives. Business owners work business As [...]

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How Does Non-Billable Time Affect Productivity?

Are you a business owner with full time employees? Sorry to break it to you, but you may not be getting your money’s worth. In today's workforce, over 30% of paid work time is non-billable. What is non-billable time?  Time that is not used for the direct benefit of the client. For most full time [...]

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Stop Sweating & Start Earning: How A Real Estate Virtual Guru Can Grow Your Business!

To many of us, real estate agents seem to have it all. A bit of socializing here, showing a few homes there, writing up a few contracts and...boom! Deals are done and here come the fat stacks from those high commissions. Perhaps that's true for some real estate agents but if you're the typical agent in [...]

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