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Speed Things Up – How To Understand The Internet Speed Test

Ok everybody, raise your hands if you’ve been in this situation before... You move into your new swank house or apartment and go through the usual rigmarole to get your Internet set up. The Internet customer service representative rattles off bundles, plans and download speeds which, after a while, sound like a bunch of gibberish. This [...]

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Virtual Assistant Spotlight – Chantal Bertrand

At Canadian Virtual Gurus, our greatest resource is our team of highly skilled virtual assistants! This month we shine the spotlight on virtual assistant Chantal Bertrand. Chantal originally hails from Ottawa, Ontario and has extensive (over 20 years!) IT experience. She studied network administration in British Columbia where she quickly became a DOS and mainframe [...]

The Other Distractions – Staying Focused In Your Home Office

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the hilarious viral video of this very, very serious professor being ambushed by his children during a BBC interview. For anyone working in a home office, the scenario is a familiar one. No matter what we do to keep our [...]

Gmail Labs – Tips For Using Gmail’s Experimental Features

Gmail has many powerful features and it’s easy to use, which is why it’s become so universally popular. But did you know some of the features, such as send and archive, were once part of the collection of feature hopefuls in Gmail Labs? Gmail Labs, the experimental turf where features either do or die, is [...]

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Got You Covered – Best Webcam Covers for Laptop Security

When it comes to cyber security, all of us can be more vigilant about our personal information. We live in an age where hackers can bring down electrical grids, so the more careful we are, the better. This goes for cameras on electronic devices, also. Recently, the director of the FBI, James Comey recommended covering [...]

Juggling Act – How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts

Gmail is awesome. What makes it even more awesome is that Gmail is free, so you can create as many accounts as your heart desires. What’s not so awesome is how many of you are managing your multiple accounts. Does your Google browser look like this? Stacked email accounts in Google If this [...]

Virtual Assistant Spotlight – Sherri Moore

At Canadian Virtual Gurus, our greatest asset has always been the talented people who work for us! This month we shine the spotlight on virtual assistant Sherri Moore. Sherri hails from Surrey, BC, Canada and graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a degree in Media Communications specializing in television. Sherri has been working in and [...]

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your beloved. Many of us will give and receive chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. These are the wonderful staples of this holiday. But did you know you can revel in love and romance while making a difference? Here’s an opportunity to share the [...]

Improve Your Project Photos In Just A Few Minutes

Have you ever needed a picture for a project you're working on, but can't find one anywhere? Or the photo you finally find is perfect... except it has copyright restrictions on it. What?! No! Would anyone really notice if I use it? Nah, how could they? It's a big world out there, and I'm really [...]

Manage Your Day with Scheduling Tools

Congratulations, you did it! You struck out on your own and became a virtual assistant. You have a swank home office, a shiny laptop and a great view of your back yard.You've said goodbye to rush hour commutes, cubicle culture and rigid scheduling set up by management. The great thing about being a virtual assistant [...]

Who Are You? Free Personality Tests to Try!

Personality tests are fun. With the dizzying array of free tests available on the Internet, it's now possible to learn about your level of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and which Star Wars character you most resemble. Why do we like personality tests so much? There are a couple of possible reasons. Unlike horoscopes, they've got the [...]

Great Desk Items for the Virtual Office

When was the last time you took a look at your desk? Stand up, step back, and take a good look. What do you see? A cluster of papers, folders, books and other items? Walls covered with post-it notes, last year's calendar and baby photos of your teenage kids? More importantly, is this a workspace that [...]

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