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To Do: Try A New To Do List

Many of us rely on productivity rituals and tools to help us become more organized and effective with our time. There are the most common methods: to do lists, calendar scheduling and time tracking. All of these have benefits and drawbacks. To do lists can become impossibly long, calendar scheduling can become overwhelming (planning my [...]

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How To Write Better Emails And Get Better Results

Guess what peeps? The latest statistics on email claim we spend A LOT of time wading through the inbox. Despite all the productivity blogs and books on how to streamline emails, we’re still spending significant amounts of time reading and replying. So, given that the inbox crawl is not going away anytime soon, let’s focus on [...]

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Virtual Assistant Spotlight – Chantal Bertrand

At Canadian Virtual Gurus, our greatest resource is our team of highly skilled virtual assistants! This month we shine the spotlight on virtual assistant Chantal Bertrand. Chantal originally hails from Ottawa, Ontario and has extensive (over 20 years!) IT experience. She studied network administration in British Columbia where she quickly became a DOS and mainframe [...]

The Best Music For Work? Try These Playlists!

For virtual assistants working from home, the unique challenges often pale in comparison to the benefits. Nothing like having your own personal bathroom, for example, and never having to walk in heels again! Another perk of working from home is total control of the radio. No more cloying easy listening stations or headphones; you are [...]

How To Use Zapier For Notifications

For virtual assistants, juggling multiple clients and tasks is part of a daily routine. As your client base grows, the need for shortcuts and time savers increases as well. This is where the web automation tool, Zapier, is a great resource. Zapier is a tool that connects web apps to perform automated tasks. To do this, [...]

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Are You For Real? How To Tell If A Virtual Business Is Legitimate

So you want to be a virtual assistant? You’ve decided you have the skill set, the tools and the home office set up and ready to go. Now all you need is to find clients and the right business to get you in touch with those clients. You type “virtual assistant” in Google and pages [...]

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Virtual Assistant Spotlight – Sherri Moore

At Canadian Virtual Gurus, our greatest asset has always been the talented people who work for us! This month we shine the spotlight on virtual assistant Sherri Moore. Sherri hails from Surrey, BC, Canada and graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a degree in Media Communications specializing in television. Sherri has been working in and [...]

Develop Great Phone Skills – 5 Tips for Putting Your Best Voice Forward

The way the world communicates is constantly changing. The telephone, once a staple of business communication, is now taking a back seat to email, instant messaging, video chats, and texting. As a virtual assistant, you may find that you communicate with clients almost solely by email. However, there are times when a client may want [...]

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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your beloved. Many of us will give and receive chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. These are the wonderful staples of this holiday. But did you know you can revel in love and romance while making a difference? Here’s an opportunity to share the [...]

Improve Your Project Photos In Just A Few Minutes

Have you ever needed a picture for a project you're working on, but can't find one anywhere? Or the photo you finally find is perfect... except it has copyright restrictions on it. What?! No! Would anyone really notice if I use it? Nah, how could they? It's a big world out there, and I'm really [...]

7 Tips for Virtual Assistants to Stay Fit

If you are a virtual assistant, chances are you probably have a difficult time staying active when putting in long shifts at the office. Even if you’re a fitness freak, working long hours can derail your goals faster than that box of Tim Horton’s donuts that your co-worker brings in every Monday. Not everyone aspires [...]

Tips For Making Great Business Memes

When you’re a virtual assistant, it’s important always to develop new skills to wow your clients. Many businesses are interested in dynamic content for their websites and social media platforms. Memes are a consumable form of web content that are easy to create and entertaining for readers. What Are Memes? Memes are graphics that usually [...]

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