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The Virtual Gurus Partner & Reseller Program

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Who Are The Virtual Gurus?

We’ve been around since 2016

Virtual Gurus helps small, midsize and enterprise level clients meet their business goals – from administrative support to lead generation to marketing services and everything in between

We pride ourselves on the customer service experience, from the sales process through to project management, we provide agency style client support with Account Managers, Project Managers and weekly check-ins

You get to know your assistant! While there is turnover in this industry, you are assigned a main assistant and a backup to streamline your project flow.

What Do We Deliver?


We hire quality contract workers who are vetted through a three-tiered interviewing process. The first initial screening and resume review to ensure the applicant is still available for work, the second to ensure that working remotely is a good fit for their career path and lastly to test skillsets and ensure they are a good fit for our clients.


All time is recorded on our project management software, so clients have full access to every minute that is billed to them in real time.


We utilize a project management software that allows our VA’s to upload all tasks, communications and files and share them with clients.


All our work is based on 100% productivity – that means clients don’t pay for socializing, checking social media – they pay for only the tasks that they delegate to their VA.

How Are We Different?


Our head office is in Calgary, AB, and our VA’s come to us from across Canada. We believe businesses succeed when supported by administrative professionals who understand the North American business market.

Customer Service

We are available anytime during business hours (and if we miss you after hours, we will return the next business day) to address your needs or concerns. Clients receive customer service calls weekly in order to help us meet your expectations every time.

Dedicated Support

Clients have the option to reach out to their account manager for support, growing their account and general inquiries about their VA. If we don’t have who you need, we’ll find them! We are committed to finding our clients the best possible fit for their business.

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Bond enables your virtual assistant to send handwritten notes to your most important clients. Commemorate an important milestone or just say thanks after a business meeting. Start by personalizing your stationery, then compose your message and select a handwriting style—you can even use your own handwriting. Bond writes your note in pen and sends it by mail using U.S. postage.

Zirtual clients receive 15% off their Bond subscription. Email to receive the discount.
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