Call Answering Services
Never Miss Another Business Call!

First impressions can make or break a business. We provide call answering services to manage calls, make appointments and answer customer questions. No more worrying about missed opportunities!

Why Choose Us?

Virtual Assistants Gurus

Real People, Not Robots

Your customers will interact with highly skilled, articulate and courteous live virtual receptionists. No recordings!


Call Reporting

Detailed, easy to read call reports and analytics. You’ll always know how many minutes you’ve used.

Virtual Assistants Gurus

Save Time, Earn More

You’ll save time and money using our call answering services so your team can focus on growing your business!

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step 1


Our account team will consult with you and make recommendations on the best type of package for your business. Your plan will be customized to the requirements of your business needs.

Step 2


Our VOIP team will create a call flow with customized greetings, voice mail, and call flow menus. Your phone system will be customized to provide easy to use menu options and functionality.

Step 3

Reporting & Analytics

Easy to understand and detailed call reports are provided on a weekly basis. You’ll have immediate access to how many minutes you’ve used, how many calls you receive and customer satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Any business will benefit from customer facing services! A friendly, helpful receptionist is a good way to show customers that your business is service -oriented. Customers enjoy the opportunity to have immediate and friendly interactions with a live person whether it’s for quick messages, appointments or other queries. Our virtual receptionists are trained to act as stewards of your brand and they make a great first impression for potential customers. The first step is to consult with our account team and see for yourself how we can be an asset to your business!

Our virtual receptionists serve as the voices of the companies they support. That’s why we hire only the most experienced and professional receptionists to work with our clients. As part of setting up your VOIP system, our virtual receptionists are trained to customize their greetings and responses to your messaging. We also offer call monitoring so you can hear virtual receptionists and customer conversations to ensure we are providing accurate and courteous service to your customers.

Virtual receptionists are only effective when they can communicate clearly to your customers. That’s why we have chosen to source our talent from North America. Besides supporting our local work force, we strongly believe in the benefit of having real, live people to manage client phone systems. From the initial interaction, you can be sure your customers are speaking to a highly skilled and courteous virtual receptionist that won’t end the call until all your customer’s questions and requests have been answered.

This doesn’t happen often, because of the thorough training we provide our agents to accommodate your customers. However, if an agent cannot answer a customer’s question, they’ll reach out to your team and follow up with the customer through email. Our agents are trained to never leave customers with unanswered questions. We may not resolve the issue in the initial chat, but we’ll always follow up!


Once submitted, one of our team members will contact you to see how we can help.