Old books

All of us know that someone who basically “knows it all.”

The person who’s been everywhere, done everything and always has a better story than you do.  As I write that, a little laughter can’t help but spill out of me along with a big grin.  The truth is, no one knows everything.  In fact, as the world evolves and technology always changes, new products and innovations come to life before our eyes.  At times, I find it almost stressful to keep up with the speed at which this happens, but it’s exciting.

You may have degrees from various universities or multiple certifications in specialized areas.  However, you must not stop there.  Use each day to soak up, like a sponge, every ounce of knowledge your brain can handle.  Carrying this willingness into your workday, or your weekend is vital to how successful you and your business can be.

Here are a few ways to dive deep into knowledge that you may find helpful.  Perhaps you are already doing some of these.  Perhaps you aren’t.  In either case, utilize things you find appealing and that work for you.  We are all different and learn using different methods.  The greatest leaders amongst us are the ones most eager to learn from others.

Computer webinarWebinars

Viewing seminars over the internet in a variety of formats is a fantastic way to learn.  Webinars are offered
and shared through social media sites, blog sites, and lots of mainstream media outlets.  The freedom to pick and choose which ones to view and when to see them is fantastic.  Use any available free time you have or even while you scarf down lunch at your favorite sandwich shop.  Webinars are live or recorded or just an audio recording with downloadable slides.  Lynda is an incredible library of learning that you may want to check out for sure.

RSS Feeds

Receiving updates regularly for changing web content is so critical to staying on top of things.  Whatever you are interested in or need to be your best can be supported through the constant delivery of current up-to-date information.  The simplest way to get a Feed is through email, but emails can get annoying. Feedly is a site that organizes feeds into easy to read collections.  Reading these updates daily keeps you from lagging behind or relying on outdated research

Quill and InkBlogs

If you haven’t already, subscribe to Blogs.  These are informal and conversational mostly making it an easy read.  Not everything discussed may pertain to you, but it can be relevant in many instances.  They take the textbook feeling out of learning.  Well-written bloggers offer language that inspires reader interest.  Do your research.


These are simply digital audio files you can listen to on your computer or mobile device.  Podcasts are available in a series or frequently delivered to subscribers. Podcasts are nice when away from your desk, at an airport, or relaxing at the park.  Pull out your mobile phone or tablet and give an ear.  These sessions provide advice, opinion, facts, and solution- driven information.

Living a life of Learning will open up opportunities and bring about the winning moments you want.